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YTH-01 FCC Metal Passivator, Metal Stainless Passivator Additives, Oil Refinery Catalyst

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YTH-01 FCC Metal Passivator, Metal Stainless Passivator Additives, Oil Refinery Catalyst

YTH-01 FCC Metal Passivator

Ⅰ. Introduction:

This product is an efficient passivation of nickel and vanadium compound metal passivator. With high effective metal content, good dispersibility, the characteristics of high activity, especially suitable for nickel, vanadium content were higher in heavy oil catalytic cracking unit.

Ⅱ. Physical index:




Light yellow to brown evenly water-soluble liquid

Kinematic viscosity (50 ℃) mm2/s


Density ( 20℃) g/cm3




Freezing point  ℃



Miscibility with water

Ⅲ. Main Function: 

1. Two harmful metal nickel and vanadium would be passivated at the same time.

2. The thermal decomposition temperature is higher, has a good stability.

3. Low viscosity, good fluidity, convenient charging.

Ⅳ. Application:

Apply to harmful metal nickel and vanadium content in oil of raw materials high heavy oil catalytic unit.

Ⅴ. Usage:

1. Directly before joining riser raw oil pipeline, with raw materials oil into the riser.

2. According to the balance amount on agent on the amount of harmful metals, 50~100 ug/g for the amount of advice.

3. Before using this passivator must wash passivation agent tank, pump and pipeline.

Ⅵ. Package Transportation and storage:

1. Special steel drum packaging, net weight 250 kg/barrel.

2. Should avoid sunlight, rain and in the process of transportation collision, should be stored in a clean, cool, dry and ventilated place.

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